Thursday, October 15, 2009

CA break, or is it?

Continuous assessment (CA) just finished! But suckishly, 2 exams were post-ponded.

Physio : inappropriate venue as they dont occupy enuf students.

Epidemio : its TODAY but due to last minute declaration by the university that today is a half-day holiday. N our exam is from 2-4pm. zzz

Lets for get about d stupid CA ok? Enjoy my break 1st. But is it a break if there's still exam coming up and ASSIGNMENTS to do? =,="

Nvm, throw that aside, now i'm in KL. Drove 5 hours, 1st time. Really tiring. Noob right? XD

B4 CA, convocation took place. So i booked a hawaii pizza by dominos.

Collected it at the booths where different programs also opened their stalls.

Here are random pictures i took in class.

faisal too bored, playing with his phone.

playing solitare.

2 guys at the back, pala and eric teoh. Got excited in sociology class. i wonder y. XD

Also b4 opening my laptop n revise powerpoint slides, me, faisal n eric chay went out to LeBoss. I'll end this blog by showing pics of the fishes in the aquarium right beside us.

REALLY tired, nitez all. =D

can u spot the fish? =P

can u spot the prawn? XD

Picture of the day. [well that day when i took]

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