Thursday, October 15, 2009

CA break, or is it?

Continuous assessment (CA) just finished! But suckishly, 2 exams were post-ponded.

Physio : inappropriate venue as they dont occupy enuf students.

Epidemio : its TODAY but due to last minute declaration by the university that today is a half-day holiday. N our exam is from 2-4pm. zzz

Lets for get about d stupid CA ok? Enjoy my break 1st. But is it a break if there's still exam coming up and ASSIGNMENTS to do? =,="

Nvm, throw that aside, now i'm in KL. Drove 5 hours, 1st time. Really tiring. Noob right? XD

B4 CA, convocation took place. So i booked a hawaii pizza by dominos.

Collected it at the booths where different programs also opened their stalls.

Here are random pictures i took in class.

faisal too bored, playing with his phone.

playing solitare.

2 guys at the back, pala and eric teoh. Got excited in sociology class. i wonder y. XD

Also b4 opening my laptop n revise powerpoint slides, me, faisal n eric chay went out to LeBoss. I'll end this blog by showing pics of the fishes in the aquarium right beside us.

REALLY tired, nitez all. =D

can u spot the fish? =P

can u spot the prawn? XD

Picture of the day. [well that day when i took]

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Continous assessment is just around the corner >,<

Exam is coming! >,<>i have to study these books! Well not really all of em. XD






OK thats about my exam, now what happen to me lately. XD

Dentistry had done a some sort of mid-autumn or senior-welcome-back fair.

bought myself a drink that comes with a cute bottle.

a rabbit? XD

i cant remember when i took this, its just random, looks kinda nice. [its not smoke is a cloud]

To end my update, i end it with some slides i took from lab again. hehe.

wall of an artery

our nerve

magnify it u get this. Though i cant find where exactly where are the nerve branches. XD

Ciaoz every1. =D

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raya holidayz!

Haven been updating in a while. Well dont really have the moods of blogging these days. 1 word explains it all - LAZINESS. XD
I enjoy decorating the room, hanging glow-in-the-darks, we added more stars to them, now can count stars b4 we sleep. XD

Here are some pics of our NEW "F2N room 2 galaxy"

I also got some pics taken from our labs, by shooting photos of cells through d light microscope. is not easy ok.

our skin. AMAZING isnt it when its stained in colours.

a magnified at the purple regiongod really create us uniquely. =Dour heart muscles.

Even though the "blog sifu" every1 claims is my roommate, my blogging skills r low ratings. =P

Speaking of him, here's a photo of him taking a rest during his fasting season. [my 2nd star of the blog, fantasizer! XD] (1st star, guess every1 knows who SHE is di la. XP)

So anyway, in d airport now, waiting to board d plane, but type out 1st b4 going back to d hostel, then lazy-ing there then lazy to update. =P
Time really flies when u enjoy it. Y cant time stop when u r with the person u love most! T_T
Still remember, friday i arrived KL at night by bus, then saturday get to see my sweetheart, sunday went One Utama, monday went times square, tuesday she came for squash. ITS TOO FAST!! >,<>ok 1st off, One Utama mooncake festival stalls. Here are some pics.

wine house selling mooncakes? XD

Main star of my blog! [sorry fai XD]

then One Utama raya decorations. I gotta admit is kinda good.

btw went and watch G-force with her, really cute and hilarious, must watch. =D

Then times square, only raya decos, cos the stalls selling mooncakes are only STALLS. Like burger stands, ntg more, not worth taking pictures. Here they areme n my fellow chicken friends. XD

We watched The Ugly Truth in times square. Kinda interesting, comedy-romance, not bad. hehe

Thats it for this update. Lotsa pics huh. guess most of u will just glance through those photos, not reading it. XD
Laterz every1, belated Selamat Hari Raya for Fantasizer. =D

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Random update

Ntg much to blog, so just update la. If not nobody wants to read this blog next time. XD

Here's a photo i took during entrepreneurship class.

from left, sharon, asiya, inderpreet, faisal/fantasizer.

We've been given a project to interview a real live entrepreneur, so our decision was the boss of LeBoss.

from left, eric, alan, faisal/fantasizer, and a small eye guy, on the sofa is the boss, Feisal.

Eric suggested to decorate our room since its quite dull. So i helped and the idea is glow-in-the-darks.

this is at eric's side. Mine and Faisal's haven cos we don't have enough.

i did this part, hanging them. I'll update again when i buy more glow-in-the-darks. XD

Too bad cannot take a picture of them glowing in the dark. It will definitely look better.

My recent "injury". Got hit by a full force squash ball. [ thanks to Sashgay. =,="]

A random picture i took from home, a bug laying eggs.

N today our biochem lecturer is leaving. His name is Dr. A. Diwakar [short form : DAD].

Since he call us dear children, so we call him dad. XD

Students gathering to take photos with him and cutting cake at the same time. Have a safe trip back, we'll miss u!

Update another time. Laterzzz